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Online Buying and Selling Through the Hidden Wiki In 2024





The Hidden Wiki is a dark web directory that helps people connect to various sites. You can use it to encounter buying platforms that offer you relevant services.

Selling through the Hidden Wiki is also possible by putting your e-commerce site’s link in the directory. If you’re interested in learning about online buying and selling on the dark web, you don’t have to go any further.

Let’s look at all the things you must know about using the Hidden Wiki for sales.

How Can You Use The Hidden Wiki For Online Buying?

It is easy to use the dark web directory for online buying due to its open-source programming. This means that the Hidden Wiki can contain links to various websites. The best thing is that anyone can add their platform to the directory.

You can use those platforms to buy things online on the dark web. For example, you can benefit from the filter category of the directory to search for marketplaces.

When you come across secure marketplaces, you can use them for online buying. The different types of services you can buy on the dark web are:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stolen data
  • Cheap bags
  • Jewelry articles
  • Identity documents

Every e-commerce site on the Hidden Wiki is categorized according to the services it offers. For instance, dark web links that offer access to cryptocurrency will be under the financial services category.

Similarly, websites that sell clothing and accessories will be under the fashion services category. Knowing how the directory organizes its links into categories will help you find buying websites easily.

The best thing is that the directory has made specific updates in 2024. These changes have made the platform more secure than it has ever been. You can now enjoy better anonymity and privacy when buying online through the hidden directory.

How Can You Use The Hidden Wiki For Online Buying-

How Can You Use The Hidden Wiki For Online Selling?

The Hidden Wiki is not just a platform that you can use to encounter buying dark web sites. You may also enhance sales on your dark platform using the online directory.

Once you have created an online site for selling items through the dark web, you must understand the service categories of your platform. Then visit the Hidden Wiki and access the same sections there.

For instance, if you sell digital currency to people on the dark web, you must access the financial services category on the directory. There you can edit the section by adding your platform’s link to the list.

This can help you enhance your clientele by getting more customers through the Hidden Wiki. The directory’s open-source format allows it to help buyers and sellers in the same way.

However, you must ensure your platform is authentic and reliable before putting it in the directory. That is because people can flag fake dark web links easily on the platform.

The directory’s admin can also remove links at any time without disclosing the reasons. Such actions are taken to make the platform safer for all online buyers, sellers, and other dark web users.

Buying Email Services On The Hidden Wiki

One of the services people require on the dark web includes email services. Some users require platforms that allow them to send messages anonymously.

Meanwhile, others need robust email services to enhance their privacy. Let’s look at the top ones you can buy through the Hidden Wiki:

  1. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is one of the top email services you can encounter through the directory. The best thing about the site is that it is reliable and authentic. That is because it is not run by scammers or bots like most other platforms on the dark web.

The main feature of the platform is to encrypt emails that people send from it. This means it enhances your online privacy and helps you maintain your security when using the dark web for sending messages.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts use this platform to access messages about their transactions. Due to its various features, ProtonMail is not a free service.

Buying Email Services On The Hidden Wiki

This means you will have to buy its subscription through the dark web to access encryption features. That is why it is one of the things people can buy using the Hidden Wiki.

It is necessary to maintain your security when buying ProtonMail on the dark web. You can do that by avoiding using your cards to pay for the services.

Instead, opt for cryptocurrency when buying anything from the Hidden Wiki regardless of whether it’s legal or not. All transactions on ProtonMail will be safe because it has an official Tor address.

  1. Tuta

Tuta is another email service you can buy a subscription to through the Hidden Wiki. You can use the directory to search for the platform’s dark web link.

An excellent feature of the service is that it will encrypt all your outgoing messages. However, you must ensure you don’t email the same accounts outside of Tuta. For example, if you message person A through Tuta, avoid sending emails to the same person through the surface web.

It is also best to pay for Tuta because the company may block you if you try to use it for free for a long time. One of the best features of the service is that it is ad-free.

You can send emails without having to wait for an ad to finish. The company will offer you 1GB of email storage for free. Upgrading your account to a paid subscription will enhance its security and storage limits.

The email service can offer you a new email domain that you can solely keep for the dark web. Keeping your accounts and mail separate from surface web accounts will help stay more private.

So be sure to look for Tuta in the email services category of the hidden directory to access it easily.

Buying Cryptocurrency Services Through The Hidden Wiki

The hidden directory offers access to thousands of dark web sites. However, all of them are not safe to use. This is why performing thorough research before accessing buying services on the wiki will help you.

Here are the two most reliable cryptocurrency services you can buy through the directory to get you started:

  1. Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi is one of the top cryptocurrency services on the dark web. That is because it adopts protocols that make it easy to conduct transactions on the dark net.

The wallet also has other features that make it a good option to store cryptocurrency safely until you want to use it. Buying a Wasabi subscription can help you access all its outstanding features such as advanced security protocols.

CoinJoin feature of the wallet makes it easy to hide your identity during a transaction. The best thing is that it also makes it difficult for third parties to find out about the recipient involved in the transaction.

Buying Cryptocurrency Services Through The Hidden Wiki

That is why most dark web users access the hidden directory to find the reliable Tor address of Wasabi Wallet. Once you find the right onion link through the directory, you can reach the platform to get its subscription.

Another unique feature of this buying service is that it uses the Neutrino Protocol. This technique allows the platform to verify transactions without assigning servers to clients. The protocol allows the site to reduce the chances of its clientele list getting revealed.

Access the cryptocurrency services section of the hidden directory to encounter the onion address of Wasabi Wallet.

  1. Ledger

Ledger is a diverse cryptocurrency wallet on the dark net that supports multiple digital currencies. You can use it to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

The best thing about the Ledger is that it can contain more than 5,500 coins. This wallet can also integrate into various websites on the internet such as The hardware wallet system of Ledger makes it highly unique and popular on the market.

However, Ledger is a paid cryptocurrency wallet with different plans. You can buy the service through the hidden directory for easy access. Finding the link to the site under the financial services category will help you use the wiki for buying a subscription.

You can also manage your coins through the platform’s live app. There may be some learning curve when using Ledger for dark web transactions.

However, it will be easy to use the platform after some time due to its tutorials. These things will help you benefit from the wallet’s features in no time.

The starting price of Ledger is $79, which is relatively affordable when compared with the features it lets you access. You may also use a search engine on the hidden directory to find Ledger on the dark web.

Buying Through The Hidden Wiki: Top Darknet Marketplaces You Can Access

There are various ways to buy things on the dark internet. However, using dark net marketplaces is a good idea. Such places can offer you more than one service for easy dark web surfing.

It can also help you connect with different sellers easily due to the wide network. So let’s look at the top dark web marketplaces that you can access through the hidden directory for purchases:

  1. InTheBox

It has been two months since the inception of 2024 and new dark web marketplaces have already come into being. These platforms can help you buy services with high reliability on the dark internet.

InTheBox is an illegal marketplace that mainly offers its services to dark web cybercriminals. The website deals with web-injecting development services for various groups of tech users.

The company has recently evolved by casting a wider net of services. For example, now you can use the marketplace through its product automated features.

You can also use the platform for purchasing customized solutions on the dark net. Finding the link to InTheBox can be difficult because it is an illegal platform.

That is where the hidden directory will come to your rescue. It may contain the platform’s link in its category of dark web marketplaces. Avoid using dark web search engines to find InTheBox.

Search engines on the dark web may not be as reliable as a directory. That is because it can include spam links or unsafe mirror versions. The wiki directory is safer because its admins may flag the link for its safety issues.

They may also perform status checks before uploading the link to the directory. So access InTheBox through Tor now if you want to engage in cybercriminal activities.

  1. 2Easy

2Easy is another dark web marketplace that deals with criminal activities. It is an illegal platform that you can access through safe directories on the dark internet such as the Hidden Wiki.

The primary feature of 2Easy is that offers access to different logs. Cybercriminals such as hackers can use these logs to penetrate corporate networks. These logs contain information such as:

  • A user’s credentials to social or corporate accounts
  • Website cookies
  • Saved credit card details

You may also get into various corporate accounts using 2Easy. The main aim of the platform is to help people steal data from various networks. Many people who buy logs through 2Easy use the stolen data to make profits.

That is because you can sell the stolen data on your onion domain. The best thing about such buying and selling options is that your investment to get the logs will be low.

Meanwhile, your profits by selling stolen data can be significantly high. You may even perform an online auction when selling information you receive through 2Easy.

Remember the platform is not new because it has been operating since 2018. However, 2Easy only gained fame recently due to its high number of clients.

The link to 2Easy will likely be present in the hacking services section of the hidden directory. That is because the services of the platform are mainly for cybercriminals.

However, anyone who pays for the logs will get access to them regardless of whether they’re a criminal or not.

Selling Through the Hidden Wiki in 2024: What Items Can You Sell?

Many options are available for people using the dark web when they want to earn cryptocurrency. You may sell drugs, information, or other items to enhance your profitability.

If you want to learn more about selling through the Hidden Wiki, let’s look at the items you can give away:

  1. Drugs

One of the top things that most people arrive on the dark web to buy includes drugs. Some people invest in purchasing cocaine, while others prefer lighter stuff such as marijuana.

Whatever the case, there is a significant profit margin if you sell drugs through the Hidden Wiki. You may purchase an onion domain by accessing Tor. Once you have the domain, you can upload information about the items you want to sell.

After establishing the website properly, you can upload its link to the hidden directory. This will allow you to sell drugs through the directory. That is because people can access your website using the wiki easily.

The best thing is you can also encounter dark web marketplaces that can help you establish yourself as a seller. For example, sites similar to Amazon can help you register on a dark web marketplace.

You can then list your products under your store name on the same marketplace. The best thing about using an already established marketplace is that it will already have high fame on the hidden directory.

Listing your marketplace page on the directory is also possible due to its open-source format. You may put your link under the drugs category of the wiki to enhance your clientele easily.

  1. Stolen Information

Another thing you can sell on the hidden directory includes stolen information. These can include passwords to premium social media accounts or online streaming networks.

For example, you may sell passwords to paid VPN surfaces for a lifetime to dark users. This is an excellent idea because many people on the dark internet search for paid VPN options. That is because the software can help them stay secure while surfing the dark web.

You may also steal other information through cybercriminal techniques. For instance, you may hack employees of leading companies to steal data from their computers.

Auctioning that data through the hidden directory can help you earn significant profits easily. You can create an auctioning platform and list that on the wiki directory. This will allow people to find your business easily and help you make sales.

However, such type of selling is illegal on the dark web. If authorities catch you red-handed, your platform will be shut down. You may even suffer from long imprisonment and hefty fines.

So be sure to consider all the risks before starting a business of selling stolen information through the hidden directory. You will also have to gain access to significant details before starting your business and listing it in the hidden directory.

You may use different dark web marketplaces to get stolen information and then sell that at a higher or more reasonable price on your platform.

  1. Cheap Clothing And Fashion Articles

Selling affordable clothing online can be a great way to reach a wide customer base and offer stylish yet budget-friendly options. You will have to take various steps before you can start your clothing business on the dark net.

First, source your inventory wisely. Look for wholesale suppliers or manufacturers that offer quality clothing at low prices. Clearance sales and overstock items can also be good sources. Just be sure to inspect each item carefully for any defects before purchasing.

Next, set up an e-commerce platform like an online store or marketplace listing on the dark net. Take clear, flattering photos of your clothing items and write detailed yet concise descriptions highlighting materials, measurements, and any unique features.

Pricing is key when selling cheap clothing online on the dark web. Research competitors’ prices for similar items, but be sure to account for your costs like inventory, shipping, fees, etc. Offer discounted bundle deals or sales to attract bargain shoppers.

Marketing is essential for driving traffic to your online clothing store. Utilize social media platforms on the dark web such as discussion forums to promote your selling business.

Finally, provide excellent customer service by shipping promptly, offering easy returns plus exchanges, and addressing any issues quickly. Developing a loyal customer base is crucial for long-term success in selling affordable fashion online.

Once your business has received enough credibility, you can list its onion address on the hidden directory. This will help other dark users to find you easily.

The best thing is that selling cheap clothing online on the dark internet is not illegal.

  1. Fake Documents

Most services that you can sell on the dark web are usually illegal. That is the appealing factor of the internet. If people want to buy legal items, they can just do that on the surface web.

However, those who come on the dark web by downloading Tor mainly want services that are unavailable on the surface web. You can sell fake documents through the wiki directory.

You may be specialized in creating identity cards because of your experience at a government agency. If so, you may create new cards for people of different age groups.

For example, teenagers or adults under the age of 21 love to buy fake documents from the hidden directory. That is because identity can help them enter places such as clubs. It also allows them to buy alcoholic beverages from different shops.

Purchase your onion address to start your online store of fake documents. List the site on the hidden directory to attract more visitors easily. You may also find a reliable marketplace through the same directory.

Marketplaces that resemble the format of sites such as eBay can help you sell documents on the dark internet easily. You may pay a low service fee to put your seller page on that marketplace.

This may be cheaper than buying your domain and starting a new business. So be sure to consider how you want to sell things through the hidden directory.

It will help you decide whether you want to sell through an already listed marketplace on the wiki directory or directly through your site.

  1. VPN Services

Staying safe on the dark internet is the priority of most users on this web. This means that one should take specific security measures to protect their identity and online history.

The most reliable way to do that on the dark web is by turning on a VPN when accessing Tor. This is why selling VPN services online can be an easy way to make profits.

This is especially true if you develop software that is specific to the dark web. For instance, your VPN service may be exclusively for the dark internet. You can promote and sell your services through the directory by listing your site in different categories.

Discussion forums may also be available to you to promote the sale of your VPN services. Remember to develop a robust program with unique features that your application superior to other VPN services on the dark internet.

Once your website has been set up, you can put its link under the paid VPN services of the directory. The best thing is you can make significant profits if you offer the right features to the dark web community.

Hidden Wiki Updates In 2024 For Safer Online Buying And Selling

The hidden directory experiences updates regularly to offer dark web users a safer experience. In 2024, the platform experienced significant changes that have made a revolutionary impact on the directory’s safety.

Let’s look at the top updates of 2024 that have made the Hidden Wiki safer for online buying and selling:

  1. Tor Onion V3 Specification

The Tor Onion V3 specification is a new specification that has made the network more advanced. That is because this technology is relatively new and improves the security measures of Tor.

For instance, the V3 specification has adopted elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) technology over other options. This adoption has improved the security of the dark web significantly.

That is because it enhances the encryption protocols of the hidden directory. The new links have extended addresses with more layers of protection through encryption.

This means that any link you now post on the hidden directory will be safer and more reliable. So you can benefit from the new technology by establishing a credible legal or illegal business on the dark web.

Listing that business on the updated hidden directory will ensure your customers receive greater security. It also offers them peace of mind by offering better privacy and protection from government monitoring.

These technical changes have made buying and selling things through the hidden directory easier and safer.

Remember to avoid scamming people when selling through the directory. This will ensure your website stays on the wiki for a long time. If you scam people often, the admins may flag your platform to be fake.

So your business may end due to the hidden directory’s strict protocols against fake sites.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency

The usage of ECC technology has made the platform more efficient than ever. This means the loading time of the directory has reduced significantly. That is because this cryptography has a greater strength than VSA technology which was formerly used by the directory.

One of the top benefits of new updates is that they have made it easier for the directory to identify potential threats. For instance, a listing of unsafe sites that may try to steal the directory’s data can be identified in no time.

The new cryptographic features also add to the privacy of the users arriving in the hidden directory. This means that it has now become easier for customers to reach buying dark web sites with more confidence.

You can also list your selling platform with greater confidence that it will not be removed from the directory without reason. This is especially true if you develop a safe site that does not threaten the architecture of the hidden directory.

Hidden Wiki Updates In 2024 For Safer Online Buying And Selling

Can You Directly Sell Items On The Hidden Wiki?

Many people believe they can sell directly on the wiki directory, but that is not the case. The hidden directory is a page that lists different websites on the dark internet.

It does not sell any services itself nor does it allow third-party sellers to list their products on the site. This means you can never buy or sell things through the wiki page directly.

Instead, you will have to set up an onion page with the products you want to sell on the dark net. Once the website is set, you can post its link under the specific services category of the directory.

Meanwhile, buying things through the hidden directory is possible by finding onion URLs to specific sites. You may enter the financial services category if you want to buy wallet subscriptions through the hidden directory.

All these are indirect methods that allow dark users to buy and sell items easily. If you sell multiple products on the web, you may post links to the buying pages under different relevant categories on the directory.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about online buying and selling through the hidden directory. The site is a famous page on the dark internet with a significantly higher reliability.

It is a better option than search engines to find paid and free services on the dark internet. That is why it is a good option for sellers to list their websites under different categories.

Meanwhile, buyers also benefit from the hidden directory because it makes it easier to find reliable sellers. You can combine surfing the directory with other security methods such as website status checkers.

These checkers can help you determine whether a seller on the hidden directory is live or down. So be sure to go to the directory on the dark web and check out its paid services categories.

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