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The Hidden Wiki Beginner Guide in 2024


The Hidden Wiki is one of the most visited websites on the dark web. It acts as a directory for all the different dark web links classified into different groups. It is one of the oldest dark web sites as the first mention of the respective dark web site is from 2007 which means that the site was put up any time before 2007.

Due to the popularity of the Hidden Wiki, it was under a lot of scrutiny by the American authorities. As a result, the site was ambiguously forked but it’s still not eliminated. On the contrary, it has multiplied. There are many mirror sites that have emerged over time. So much so that every year there are new mirror sites with new and updated links.

The Hidden Wiki mirror sites are being hosted on different platforms. So when one of the sites is compromised or shut down by law enforcement agencies, there is always another one that can provide the same type of dark web links.

What Exactly Is The Hidden Wiki?

The Hidden Wiki is like an index with a range of different dark web links. This is the dark web counterpart of Wikipedia. This dark netsite makes it easier for dark web users to find their desired links. Like Wikipedia on the surface web, you can register on the Hidden Wiki and anonymously edit the page.

If you find a broken link on the site, you can remove it. If you have a new link that you want to add to the site then you can register and add that new dark web link to the page. You can easily add or replace dark web links. But it is important to never give your real information when registering on any site on the dark web.

What Exactly Is The Hidden Wiki

What Can You Find On The Hidden Wiki?

Links for everything available on the dark web can be found on the hidden wiki. The dark web site has links that are placed under different categories. So if you are looking for electronics on the dark web, you can visit the electronics section on this dark net site. There you will find several different links where you can find different electronic items. You can click on any link you want but you have to be very careful.

If you are looking to know more about the different types of dark net markets you can find through hidden wiki then this article can be of great help to you.

Do I Have To Always Access the Hidden Wiki First?

The reason that many people access the Hidden Wiki first thing after they open the Tor browser is that it has all the different links. Not everyone has a direct link to their desired site on the dark web which is why most of the traffic is routed through the Hidden Wiki. This is also the reason it is one of the most visited sites on the dark net.

If you visit this dark web site first, you don’t have to search the surface web for dark web links that might not even work in the end. So instead of using a dark web link directly you can try and find your relevant product or service on this site. Once you have found a dark web link that works for you, you can use it directly the next time you want to visit the purchase the same product or service.

Are All Links On The Hidden Wiki Authentic?

The only thing this dark net site does is provide you with a collection of dark web links. Just because a link is present on the site does not guarantee that it is an authentic link. When you are on the dark net you have to be very cautious about the links you click. Some of the links on the Hidden Wiki can be scams where criminals provide fake dark web links so when anyone clicks on them they are exposed to malware infections.

Some of the dark web links that you might have used in the past may not work now. This is because the dark web links are updated regularly when older ones are shut down.

Are All Links On The Hidden Wiki Authentic-

If you are a normal internet user who is accessing the Hidden Wiki for the first time then accessing a broken hidden Wiki link might make you feel like you have clicked on a fake scam link. So knowing how the Hidden Wiki works beforehand will help you navigate the site in a better way.

Where Can You Find Hidden Wiki Links?

The Hidden Wiki links are updated regularly. However one might wonder where they can find authentic dark web links. There are many websites on the surface web where you can find updated dark web links.

Government and security agencies are always working to shut down these links so it is ideal to use the most updated links as the older links may already be compromised.  In addition to these sites, you can also ask your friends who regularly use the dark web. Asking for these dark web links from someone who has used them before will ensure that you get an authentic link for a mirror site.

How to Access It Safely

Hidden Wiki is one of the most visited sites on the dark web because it helps people find good links to their desired product or service. If you don’t have a direct link to your dark web site you can simply visit the hidden wiki and find a relevant link. However, accessing the dark web should be done with great caution.

You should all the necessary steps to protect yourself from any harm before you even access the dark net; let alone any links on it.

Always use a strong and well-known VPN when you access the Tor browser. The VPN should be turned on before you start Tor. Make sure you don’t have any important banking or email credentials entered into the browser of your device. The ideal thing to do would be to use a device that you don’t use for personal purposes. However, if you are using your device then clean all the history, cache, and cookies from all browsers on your device before you open the Tor browser.

These are just some of the main steps you need to take to protect yourself on the dark web.

Where Can You Find Hidden Wiki Links-

Caution Is Necessary When Accessing the Dark Web Net

Using a VPN can provide you an added layer of privacy however it is important for you to still be careful. Make sure you have your webcam taped on. Do not go about clicking on all the different links you find. Be careful with the links you find on the hidden wiki. You should never open all links in the category. Try to get to your desired service by using the minimum amount of clicks.

The fewer links you click, the lesser your vulnerability. When you click a lot of dark web links trying to find a good thing then you might come across a link that was a phishing attack or a malware attack. So try to find your desired product or service with the minimum amount of links. And once you are done, close down tor and do a complete check of your system. This would help you catch any malware or password extractor software. That might have been installed on your system by the hackers while you were visiting the dark web. If you don’t find anything shady on your device then that means your device wasn’t compromised.

Can I Get Jailed For Visiting This Dark Web Site?

Accessing the dark web is a completely legal thing in most parts of the world. This means that visiting any of the hidden wiki sites is also legal. However, you should try your best to stay away from dark net links about criminal activities. If the law enforcement agencies track your online activities then you can get caught and you may have to face strict punishments. However, if you just visit the dark web and don’t use it to find criminal services. Then you don’t have to worry about getting imprisoned by the authorities. However, accessing the dark web regularly might make you a target of government monitoring.

Final Words

Beginners and first-time users usually visit the Hidden Wiki first when they access the dark web. This is because they think that it can help them in navigating the dark net in a better way. However, these are also the people who are most vulnerable to attacks on the dark web. This guide aims to familiarize beginners with the most visited site on the dark web. This guide answers all major concerns that beginners might have about using the dark web. It also tells you about the precautionary steps you can take before you access the dark net.

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