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Some of the Famous Darknet Markets on the Hidden Wiki




There are many darknet markets on the Hidden Wiki to help people navigate this web easily. From financial services dark web links to news sites, you can find various platforms through the directory.

If you’re new to dark web links, you may be wondering about the offerings of the Hidden Wiki. The good news is you don’t have to go far to get this information.

Delve into this post to learn about the famous darknet markets on the Hidden Wiki.

Famous Illegal Darknet Markets on the Hidden Wiki

Let’s look at darknet markets that offer illegal services and are available on the Hidden Wiki:

  1. Vice City Market

Vice City Market is a famous platform on the dark net that you can access through the Hidden Wiki. Clicking on the site link will take you to the official market page from where you can place orders.

One of the top product categories in this market is drugs. The platform specializes in pharmaceutical products and local street drugs. You may place a small order of cannabis for recreational use at home.

Steroids and stimulants are also available at this darknet market on the Hidden Wiki. Many athletes purchase steroids from this web to boost their performance during official matches. However, regular people also buy steroids and stimulants to get a high.

A famous drug that is difficult to purchase online on the surface web is ecstasy. The good news is you will not face any buying problems when getting this drug through the dark net.

Vice City Market can sell you this item at an affordable price. Of course, you must remember that anything you buy from this site is illegal. This means if the authorities catch you getting this drug from Vice City Market, they can arrest or fine you.

So you must always be careful when reaching illegal sites through the Hidden Wiki. The directory is relatively safe but does not offer complete security.

Famous Illegal Darknet Markets on the Hidden Wiki

  1. Nemesis Market

Another market whose link you will find on the official Hidden Wiki and its mirror platforms is Nemesis. It has an extensive range of goods that you can buy. The best thing is that products on the market are organized into categories to make navigation easier.

The top categories you will encounter on Nemesis Market are:

  • Drugs
  • Fraud
  • Hacking
  • Counterfeits
  • Intelligence

Remember you will have to create an account before exploring different products on Nemesis. Be sure to choose a secure password and username to keep your identity safe. It is also advised not to use personal emails for setting up an account on Nemesis.

There are also subcategories under different categories. For example, you can click on the cannabis option under the drugs category to look at all the available options.

The fraud category can offer you access to how-to manuals and other things that will help you with this activity. Nemesis also allows you to hire hackers for a specific amount.

The market primarily accepts Bitcoin and Monero, so you should have funds in one of these currencies before purchasing Nemesis Market.

You must also research the specific sellers on Nemesis before buying things to enjoy a safer experience.

  1. ASAP Market

The Hidden Wiki has dark net links to many markets but ASAP remains one of the most famous ones. This may be because of the rebranding of the market. Not many places on the dark net have started with a different name, making ASAP unique.

This market came into being in March 2020 as the ASEAN Market. Within a few months, the place changed its name to ASAP. It predominantly sells cannabis and other drugs such as stimulants.

However, other products are also available on ASAP. These include:

  • Fraud resources
  • Stolen credit card information
  • Cybercriminal resources such as hacking tutorials
  • Hackers for hire
  • Stolen login details

The market has also been famous because it became one of the biggest marketplaces on the dark web after AlphaBay was taken down.

ASAP Market

Recently, the owner of the marketplace also revealed that the site would be retiring soon. However, ASAP links are still available on the Hidden Wiki. You can open them to see whether the platform is still functional or not.

If it is still working, you can place your orders immediately to benefit from the site’s services before it is finally down for good.

  1. Bohemia

You can buy many types of drugs from the dark web, but cannabis remains one of the top purchases on every market. This recreational drug is easy to use for addicts and readily available everywhere. So you may want to get the drug anonymously.

Bohemia is one of the top markets on the Hidden Wiki that you can reach to buy cannabis. It has an extensive collection of drugs along with other services such as counterfeit identity cards, fake bank notes, and more.

The number of users on Bohemia has significantly increased in the last year because of takedowns of other markets. AlphaBay was the go-to market for dark users for drugs after Silk Road and Hydra.

Since its closure, Bohemia gained more users because it specializes in selling the same types of drugs as AlphaBay. It is also a reliable platform because you will receive the delivery after order placement.

Many markets on the dark internet take orders and payments but do not deliver products. The worst part is it is difficult to distinguish between reliable and unsafe dark web links.

The top fact about the market is that it has not been long since its inception. Despite that, Bohemia has become a trusted dark net marketplace due to its prompt deliveries and high-quality products.

Popular Darknet Markets To Purchase Stolen Data

Below are some famous dark marketplaces that will allow you to purchase stolen data:

  1. Russian Market

Russian Market may not be a familiar name for you, but every advanced dark user knows this marketplace. It is one of the most reliable shops to buy stolen data on Tor. You can use the site to get the Paypal credentials of other people.

The platform also specializes in offering access to IP addresses, stolen credit card details, digital fingerprints, and much more. It is a vast data store that will offer you unmatched services on the dark net.

Its name may imply that the platform has Russian origins but that is not true. The site operates in English and does not have proper links to Russia. You can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin to buy an affordable service.

Popular Darknet Markets To Purchase Stolen Data

Even the most expensive service on this site amounts to a few hundred dollars. This is why you will not have to worry about breaking the bank when using Russian Market.

Unlike other markets on the Hidden Wiki, this platform only specializes in offering data to its clients. Other things such as digital services and drugs are not available in this marketplace.

  1. 2Easy

2Easy came into being a few years ago to give competition to Genesis on the dark net. The latter market may have been taken down, but the same is not true for 2Easy. You can access this marketplace to buy data in a single click.

The marketplace sells data that will allow you to access different systems and apps using original login credentials. All data packages that you can buy from this shop are called logs. The best thing about the site is that its services are cheaper than those of other similar marketplaces.

2Easy mainly obtains its stolen data credentials by installing malware on people’s devices. The company has compromised more than 600,000 devices to steal login details.

The logs by this marketplace can allow you to enter a corporate network or workplace accounts.

Whether you want to target an official company or a person you have enmity with, 2Easy can help you.

Famous Darknet Markets on the Hidden Wiki That Has Been Taken Down

Darknet markets on the Hidden Wiki rarely retire. Most places on the dark web have been taken down by the government due to illegal activities. It is important to know about these famous places to avoid their mirror sites.

Remember mirror sites of original platforms are not always safe. Their admins may try to take advantage of your lack of information to scam you.

So here are the top darknet markets that have been taken down, but their links may still be on the Hidden Wiki:

  1. AlphaBay

AlphaBay has been the talk of the town since its inception in 2014. The market has a tumultuous history on the dark internet, making it more famous than any other recent market.

The company started in 2014 and operated until 2017. During the latter year, it was taken down by the government under Operation Bayonet. At the time of the seizure, AlphaBay was ten times bigger than Silk Road.

If you have been using the Hidden Wiki or dark web for years, you must know Silk Road is the market that paved the way for all the current illegal darknet markets.

Famous Darknet Markets on the Hidden Wiki

However, the takedown didn’t stop AlphaBay admins from returning. The market was relaunched under the same name on the dark internet. Its updated link was also available on the Hidden Wiki.

AlphaBay is one of the few darknet markets that relaunched officially instead of getting a mirror version. In early 2023, the market became offline due to a lockdown.

None of the admin members resolved the issue to get the site back up. So you cannot access AlphaBay currently, but you never know what the future may hold.

So there is still a chance that the site’s staff may appear again to get the platform up and running.

  1. Monopoly Market

Most markets on the Hidden Wiki specialize in selling drugs because the majority of dark web users are addicts. Monopoly Market was also one such place where you could get drugs easily. It was one of the reliable sellers on the dark net.

The platform also specialized in selling illegal firearms. This is why a joint operation was conducted by Europol and nine other countries to shut down the market. Unfortunately, the operation was successful and Monopoly Market was seized.

During the time of seizure, the market had $53.4 million in cash and cryptocurrencies. Other things that the government found during the takedown were:

  • Drugs amounting to 850 kg
  • Amphetamines weighing 258 kg
  • 43 kgs of cocaine
  • LSD and ecstasy amounting to 10 kgs

With this takedown, dark web users took a huge hit because of losing a large drug marketplace. Any version of Monopoly Market that you will now encounter will be a duplicate site.

Remember not all duplicate sites are run by the original admin. So you cannot rely on the authenticity of new Monopoly markets and whether they will deliver or not.

  1. Hydra Market

In April 2022, German authorities conducted an operation to take down Hydra Market, which was one of the largest darknet marketplaces at the time.

This market was primarily used to facilitate the sale of illegal drugs and other illicit goods. At its peak, it had allegedly processed over $1 billion in Bitcoin transactions.

The takedown operation was led by German federal police together with U.S. agencies. They were able to seize Hydra’s servers located in Germany and shut down the site.

Several individuals associated with running Hydra Market were arrested as part of the operation in Germany. The alleged administrator, a 39-year-old Russian national, was also apprehended.

Authorities focused their investigation on disrupting the infrastructure and financial channels that allowed Hydra to operate. This included targeting Bitcoin tumblers used to launder funds.

Hydra Market

In the aftermath, other major darknet markets saw increased activity as buyers and sellers migrated from Hydra. However, the takedown dealt a major blow to the darknet ecosystem overall.

Even the other markets that gained fame after the Hydra takedown have also been taken down. These include AlphaBay, Monopoly Market, Genesis, and much more.

Famous Darknet Markets On The Hidden Wiki That Have Pulled Off Exit Scams

An exit scam is a trick where an organization accepts money and orders from clients, but fails to deliver products. This means that you will suffer a significant financial loss if you place an order from an exit scam site.

Such dark web links are commonly found on the Hidden Wiki because of the directory’s open-source mechanism. This feature allows any user to edit links on the dark net, so you can encounter scam platforms often.

Let’s look at the top three darknet markets on the Hidden Wiki that have pulled off exit scams:

  1. Tor2Door

Tor2Door was a darknet market operating on the Tor network that sold illegal items like drugs, weapons, and stolen financial data. It launched around 2018.

In early 2022, users started reporting withdrawal and other issues, sparking suspicions that an exit scam was brewing. Moderators claimed technical difficulties but the problems persisted.

A few months later, Tor2Door abruptly shut down its market and websites. The administrators disappeared with an estimated $30 to 40 million worth of cryptocurrency from buyer accounts and vendor bonds.

It was a fairly typical darknet market exit scam and the operators likely planned it from the beginning to one day take the money and vanish. They slowly stole funds over time in the lead up, while giving buyers extended delivery dates to avoid raising suspicion.

No arrests have been made as the real-world identities of the Tor2Door admins are still unknown. Such exit scams are a persistent risk on darknet markets due to their decentralization and anonymity.

So Tor2Door exit scammed millions in crypto from darknet market buyers and vendors after operating for around four years. This event highlights the risks you may face when using the dark web.

Remember dark web links to this site were available on the Hidden Wiki for quite some time. This is proof enough that not all platforms on this directory are safe. So you must tread carefully when using any directory to navigate the dark internet.

Famous Darknet Markets On The Hidden Wiki That Have Pulled Off Exit Scams

  1. Apollon

Apollon was a famous dark marketplace with links on the Hidden Wiki. It also specialized in selling drugs on Tor. The online shop also sold other goods such as:

  • Digital services
  • Fraud resources and goods
  • Malware

The market started a few years ago and gained the trust of dark web users. However, recently it engaged in an exit scam that has ruined its credibility for good reason.

A unique thing about Apollon’s scam is that it used a DDoS campaign targeting method. Pulling off a scam using such a tactic is rare on the dark internet. This is why vendors and buyers were not suspicious of the marketplace.

One user on Dread also gave an early warning of this scam by revealing allegations against Apollon. Of course, not everyone believed the user until it was too late to take any action.

If you encounter Apollon to be active soon, you should avoid purchasing any products from the market. Many exit scam marketplaces stay offline for years after a scam and then go online again once people have forgotten about them.

This allows the marketplaces to conduct a second scam by targeting a different set of dark users.

  1. Empire Market

Empire Market was a dark web marketplace that operated between 2018 and 2020. It became one of the largest marketplaces on the dark web before closing down in late 2020 in what appeared to be an exit scam.

The site was among the largest marketplaces on the dark web in 2020. After the closures of previous marketplaces like AlphaBay and Dream Market, it gained a lot of traffic and thousands of vendors.

In 2020, users began reporting issues accessing the site. Shortly after, the admins posted an announcement claiming a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack behind the market’s downtime.

Most experts believed the DDoS attack claim was false and suspected the market started the preparation for an exit scam instead. They had likely already moved the cryptocurrency funds held in escrow and user accounts.

After a few days offline, Empire Market came back online briefly claiming withdrawals would be enabled soon. However, withdrawals never opened and the site went down permanently shortly after.

It is estimated that the exit scam allowed the admins to steal up to $130 million worth of cryptocurrency from its users. Like all other exit scams, recovering the funds became impossible for dark web users.

How To Avoid Unsafe Darknet Markets On The Hidden Wiki?

Navigating dark web markets is not that difficult if you’re being careful and taking the right steps to protect yourself. The top thing you must do is research a site thoroughly before placing your funds in its wallet.

For example, if you search Tor2Door on the surface web, you will find many reliable posts about its exit scam incident. If you don’t perform such searches, you may miss out on key information that can prevent you from losing your money.

It is also ideal to avoid markets that are relatively new on the dark net. Even when a marketplace has few listings, you must avoid them. Such shops are not well-established and may shut down after taking your money.

Many people also make an error of leaving their funds in a shopping site’s wallet. Remember to always remove your digital currency from a market’s wallet when not using it. This will offer you better security and prevent you from losing more money if the site shuts down abruptly.

Remember when a marketplace closes, people are not able to log in using their credentials. So it will be too late to remove your funds.

Final Words

These are some of the famous marketplaces on the dark web to help you navigate this web easily. A few of these sites have been taken down by the government, so you must avoid visiting their mirror versions.

Keeping yourself safe on the dark net should be your top priority. This is why always perform thorough research. You must also not place orders of a significant amount on new sites until they gain your trust with timely deliveries.


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