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Why the Hidden Wiki Is Better Than Dark Web Directories


Over the last few years, the online trend of work has been growing rapidly. Many people, due to COVID-19, basically moved their whole life online. Due to this movement, the Internet’s dark corners are crowded more with people. This is the largest increase in the history of the dark web. Many illegal activities happen on this site, such as selling or buying drugs. Besides this, hackers offer their services without any fear on those sites.

You will find many services regarding buying cocaine, heroin, or many other things like credit cards or other accounts. Here we explain many things. With the help of TOR( the onion router), you can easily access the dark web. The hidden wiki is one of the online listings of websites used by censorship-resistant wikis.

The question arises of why the hidden wiki is better than other dark web wiki directories. Here we explain everything you need to know about it and the dark web that can answer your above question. We explain different benefits and reasons that make the hidden wiki superior to other dark web directories.

What is The Hidden Wiki

All important dark web services are listed on the site named hidden wiki. It is popular for listing all essential .onion links. You can find plenty of services ranging from drug marketplace to financial offers. It is easily accessed through the TOR browser. You can find everything and anything on it that you won’t find on the visible web.


Why Hidden Wiki is Preferable than Other Dark Web Directories

1. Hidden Wiki is the largest .onion directory of Dark Web

It is one of the largest .onion directories of the dark web compared to others. You can find different types of data very easily on it. People find a variety of information about any topic. One should find essays or content with specific keywords and names of authors. Other directories on the dark web have no such features. It gives you the information that suits the taste of readers. In a single platform, you can easily learn about every topic. This information refers to facts and opinions received through it. One of the interesting things is that language does not matter on it.


2. Hidden Wiki is more Easily navigable than other Dark Web Directories

Compared to other dark web directories, it is easy to move around. Due to this feature, users get a better experience on it than in other directories. Visitors always find their searching easily on the hidden wiki. It helps readers to find what they want instantly. People will keep on it due to itsWhy the hidden wiki iw preferable than other dark web directories ease of it. Readers may face difficulty on other dark web directories, so navigation is one of the top factors to consider. It offers a clear navigation menu for its user and ensures that readers do not get away from it without any informational knowledge. So, data on the hidden wiki is legible and easy to read on any screen.

3. Hidden Wiki Provides an amazing user interface Rather Than Other Directories

It builds good interaction with its visitors. Its effective UI makes minimum effort from users to get maximum unique and informed knowledge. The visitors get the desired knowledge very easily through the hidden wiki. So it fulfills the user’s expectations before they start searching on it. The visitors get comfort and ease through. Readers give effective responses due to its amazing UI. In short, a hidden wiki satisfies all user needs. At the same time, the other directories on the dark web have not characterized this feature.

4. Hidden Wiki Gives the Feature of Private Messages

It is also one of the great features of a hidden wiki. So, users send all types of messages without fear of exposing their identity. This is the reason that it can be safely and securely used in public places such as libraries, schools, and colleges. You can convey your message through it without revealing your identity. It does not expose your personality traits. This feature makes a hidden wiki a secure platform for its users to protect their online recognition and personal information.

5. Hidden Wiki Provides Wealth of Information than Other Directories

This characteristic of the hidden wiki makes it superior to other sites such as Wikipedia. From the hidden wiki users get some great information and it’ll give them a new kick to go for more.

6. It Enhances Security as Compared To Other Directories

It protects the user’s personal information more than other directories. So you can better protect the security of your business through it easily. It gives many security features to your device that save your data from prying eyes.

Hidden wiki gives the feature of private messages

7. It Allows Users to Save Their Favorite Pages

You may lose your data by losing the Internet connection on other sites. At the same time, with the use of a hidden wiki, there is no worry about losing any useful information or favorite page. It saves your favorite page when your device dies or drops an internet signal unexpectedly. Other sites do not give the advantage of saving information instantly. You can read your saved information any time when you feel free or relaxed.

8. It Gives Freedom of Information

Hidden wiki links provide more freedom of information than other dark web directories. It is also the right of any citizen to search for all types of information they want. Hidden wiki links give the freedom of a person to consume information. You can access all types of information here without any difficulty. You will find both legal and illicit websites on it. So, be careful about your search.

9. It is a more Useful Platform to Get more Detailed Knowledge Than Other Directories

Sometimes, people do not want to read long texts or watch full videos. Hidden wiki is a great platform for such people. It contains articles and essays with a summary so you can read them easily. There are many links, maps, and images on the hidden wiki that help readers read the information they want.

Besides all the above features, there are also many reasons that make hidden wikis stand different from other dark web directories.

Reason for Its Usage

As explained earlier that it is run and operated by TOR. It is the website on which all the links of illicit work are hidden. These illegal works are discussed below such as:

  • Contract killing
  • Hiring for attacks
  • Bomb-making services
  • Money laundering
  • To stay up-to-date, the site refreshes after a very short interval
  • Here you don’t find any trackers
  • Contraband chemicals and many more!

Due to the activity mentioned above, its use is increasing day by day. However, it is not considered illegal in many regions but doing illegal work is illicit. So be careful and don’t do any illegal things.

Reason gor the hidden wiki usage

Types of Websites You May Find on Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki consists of different links to sites that cover a variety of information, including:

  • Forums
  • Chat rooms
  • Blogs
  • Wiki’s
  • Dating websites
  • Pastebin posts
  • Tor hidden services

Many links were added on hidden wiki sites. Here we give the list of different sites.

1. The Best Onion Sites

The hidden wiki consists of about 738 .onion links collected from many references.

2. Torchlight List

It is a large collection of links to many sites like:

  • Shops
  • Forums
  • Classified ads and many more

3. PasteBin

The hidden wiki consists of about 1868 different pastebins along with their creation date format so that you can easily access the recent ones.

4. Silk Road 3

Here you can purchase:

  • illegal goods
  • stolen credit cards
  • Counterfeit money

5. Bookmarks for Tor

Hidden wiki also contains a complete copy of the bookmarks list. The total weighs about 1 GB altogether.

6. 12P Hosts

The hidden wiki contains a big list of websites about 12P.

7. Niteflirt

Open publishing ebooks is a large collection of stolen books. It is organized into twenty different categories. This site has a huge list of books on different operating systems.

Some of the prominent Other Dark Web Directories

Here we mentioned the popular dark web directories that are used immensely. Do remember that the below list is for educational purposes only. Since the sites are part of dark web directories, they may contain illicit offensive content.

1. OnionDir

It is the directory that provides the updated .onion list on a regular basis. You may find some illicit links on the dark web. Read the description properly before loading the site to protect yourself from any trouble.

2. EasyOnions

EasyOnions is one of the latest dark web directories. With the help of keywords and phrases, here, you can search for domains.

3. Site List

It features over four thousand dark websites. All the links are updated regularly.

4. HSmon

It gives links to a wide range of sites on the dark web. Visitors can submit their website links to the directory.

Some of the prominent Other Dark Web Directories

5. UnderDaug

It is a large directory of the dark web. Its use is very simple. You just need to register and log in. You can also post your sites.

6. Onion Link List

The feature of this directory website is a regular base updated list of dark websites. It consists of content that may be offensive and illegal.

7. Onion Directory

It is a small directory with links to the dark web and darknet wiki. The main feature is that you can add your links to the site according to your desire.

8. Onion Crate

It is a large directory with dark websites. Make sure about the description and notifications.

9. TorLinks

It is the hidden wiki alternative. One of the differences is that these links are moderated.

10. Darknet Links

A dark web directory allows you to search for NNTP postings and dark web links.

Classification of Dark Web Directories

Dark Web Directories are divided into the following ones.

1. Directories by registration

These directories are free of cost. You just follow the following steps.

  • Registered
  • Submit a website
  • Wait for approval

2. Payment Directories

The owner has to pay in order to include a link in this directory. They proved most beneficial for publishing links.

3. Reciprocal Directories

These directories are also free of cost. It needs a web admin to include links to sites.

4. Free Directories

These directories publish links for free without charging a penny. However, they don’t care about positioning.

5. Directories by bids

This directory is a bit new to the dark web. The paid price selects the position of the site. So the rule is simple: more pay is equal to a better position.

How does it work?

It basically involves two steps.

  1. You can edit it after registration on the hidden wiki.
  2. You can add more than one link on a hidden wiki regarding your services.

So hidden wiki is part of the dark web, but there are many websites that emerge on the dark

Web and do not appear on the hidden wiki.

Classification of Dark Web Directories

Security and Safety Tips

There are many illegal activities happening on the dark web, and a hidden wiki is probably the first step toward entering the dark web. Many people use this site for professional purposes. So the foremost step is to be sure that it’s secure to access the hidden wiki. From it, you can be reached on any or every link like gambling, buying bomb-making materials, and many more.

So, here we give a few tips about safety and security:

  • Download VPN
  • First of all, increase the security of your TOR browser
  • Close all other programs on the system
  • Be sure about the authenticity of the hidden wiki
  • Not to do any illegal activity like buying or selling illicit goods or services

How to Access the Hidden Wiki

Dark web or hidden wiki is the platform where you find full-fledged privacy of any online work. It is not like an encyclopedia. It is a directory of sites that cannot appear on the global web. Its main purpose is to oppose censorship.

There is no restriction on creating and editing accounts anonymously. In this guide, we will help you with the onion network. If you are ready to take steps to start seeing websites that many people never find, the hidden wiki is the best choice for this aim.

Steps For Accessing Hidden Wiki

You can just follow the three steps to get access to it.

1. Install a VPN

It is recommended to install a VPN for an extra layer of security.

2. Download the TOR browser

The second step is to install and download the free browser. It is available on different platforms. You can run it from anywhere. This conforms to the anonymity of the web. The hidden wiki provides security to its visitors. It may involve captcha codes before login in. When your download is complete, choose the destination folder you want to extract.

3. At last, search for hidden wiki

Now go to one of the following Tor hidden services to get started.

  • Tor Link List
  • Onion List

Censorship is the main difference between a hidden wiki and other online encyclopedias. With the installation of Tor, you can submit anything. One can do legal or illegal activities on a hidden wiki.

How to Access the Hidden Wiki

It has amazing FAQs to ensure the safety of its visitors that gives knowledge about how to protect yourself from troubles and attacks. So all you need is the Tor browser to access the hidden wiki links.

What is Available on Hidden Wiki

This guide will tell you about what you find after accessing the hidden wiki. There is a section of editors’ picks on the main page, which is the same as available on the play store. You will see the URL of many important applications, and it is common to anyone on the hidden wiki. Here you will see the complete detail of PGP encryption, a relevant post on media marketing etc.

After this section, now comes the volunteer part. This is the point where hidden wiki guides you properly about how you can be a person who works and contributes to the community. For this purpose, registration is compulsory.

After this, an introduction point comes. It is the best section for those who start on the hidden wiki for the very first time. So it is the best part to start.

It introduces the essential links to its visitors on the wiki. These links are important for articles, forums, shops etc. It is important for all interested in taking the dark web seriously.

It holds the links of buy bitcoin, bitcoin laundry service.

This introductory section is basically the hub of all your desired items. You will find links to buy:

  • Fake credit card
  • Bank details
  • Details of credit card
  • Bitcoin mixers
  • Counterfeit cash etc

With these links, you are redirected to individual sellers and shops. However, it is not the most effective section is a hidden wiki, so don’t blindly trust these links.

After this financial services, the next line is about commercial services. Here you will find plenty of offers about:

  • Fake documents
  • Gadgets
  • Hiring hackers and killers
  • Magnetic stripe reader etc

In short, anything is available in the hidden wiki links about docs and gadgets that are illegal and not found in supermarkets legally.

What is Available on Hidden Wiki

After this the hosting/web/ files/ images relevant section comes. In this section, only one link is available. By clicking on that link, you land on a link-rich wiki page. Here many paid and free hosting providers’ services are available.

The next section is related to blogs and essays. Here you will get a lot of knowledge according to your desire.

Now if the next part is for those who want to send messages and emails without exposing their identity. The name of that section is the email/ messaging section. You will send messages and communicate with each other in a fully private and secure environment.

The next section is about social networks. Here you don’t reveal yourself or share any personal data.

After that, the next section is about whistleblowing. This part consists of links to WikiLeaks.

The next section is others. It is quite interesting. Those links that do not fit in the above category fit well in this section.

Finding the Hidden Wiki

Now it is very easy to find hidden wikis. One should search for it on DuckDuckGo. After this, you will find that it is one of the earliest searches. You can see your interesting .onion sites through the links available on it.

Some Suggestions

Here we want to tell you about some warnings. Hidden wiki is totally legal for educational purposes, but not all links listed here are illicit. So be careful about your search. Besides this, there are many scams on onion networks. Do not provide any payment information. Your system should have updated anti-virus software to keep away from malware.

Now finally, there are many versions of it. Before clicking on the link, be sure about your findings and protect yourself from scams.

Wrap Up

The internet is the most used human-build technology. It is the backbone of many networking systems. These networks are used for many purposes, varying in the range of buying and selling drugs to get knowledge about any content and article.

In a nutshell, a hidden wiki is a good site to gain knowledge and consist of many onion links. It is superior to other directories on the dark web wiki due to its comfortability. It is the place of every kind of information and much more! On this platform, both legal and illegal activities are done. So be careful about your search. You will also find many scammers in this place, so follow the instructions mentioned above and protect yourself from troubles.

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