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Types of People Who Can Get Advantages from the Hidden Wiki



The Hidden Wiki is known for being a very bad and mysterious place but if you start learning more about the dark web you would understand that not everything on the Hidden Wiki is illicit. Many dark  isweb links are harmless or even beneficial to normal internet users. This means that several different groups of people can take advantage of the Hidden Wiki.

Let’s take a look at some of the people who can benefit from using the Hidden Wiki.

Journalists and Whistleblowers

One group that can take advantage of the hidden wiki is that of journalists; especially investigative journalists. Investigative journalism is one of the riskiest jobs in the world and these people go to very dangerous lengths to expose corruption and wrongdoings in corporations, governments, and international organizations.

Investigative journalists can communicate with whistleblowers on the dark net. This means that the identity of the whistleblower will stay hidden and they can carry on with their life without feeling unsafe in the real world. In addition, the documents shared through the dark web will also be encrypted. So only the whistleblower and the intended recipient would be able to see it.

In some cases, the journalists may not even know the identity of the whistleblower themselves. This is what makes it so safe for the whistleblower. All the documents, audio and video files, and other relevant files can be shared anonymously by the whistleblower.

Another way that journalists can take advantage of the Hidden Wiki is by getting access to leaked documents. Organizations and goents have many documents that they don’t want anyone to see. However, in some cases, these documents can be stolen and leaked on the dark net.

The Hidden Wiki has a large collection of such documents from all over the world. These documents can be of great importance once they are in the hands of a journalist.

Journalists and Whistleblowers

Law Enforcement Authorities Also Benefit From the Hidden Wiki

Law enforcement authorities have been taking advantage of the dark web since the very start. The dark web can be accessed with the help of private browsers like Tor. Tor was first introduced by the CIA. The dark web’s main purpose was to secure and encrypt communication between CIA agents and their informants.

These days, law enforcement authorities use the hidden wiki for more than just communication. The dark web is a very safe place for criminals and terrorists to carry out their communication and other activities. Law enforcement agencies can intercept these communications and get their hands on important information that could lead to arrests of criminals and terrorists.

The dark web is a hot place for drug dealers and child abusers. The law enforcement authorities also try to track down such criminals on the dark net.

Covert operations might require certain things to be off the record. This is also where security agencies use the dark net to effectively carry out their covert operation. The dark web is also used by uncover officers to lure and catch criminals.

The Hidden Wiki Can Be Very Advantageous For People from Distressed Regions

There are many parts of the world where there is a totalitarian government and people don’t get their basic rights. In such countries, the media and internet are usually controlled by the state. So anything you write on the internet is tracked and monitored by the state authorities.

This is where the hidden wiki comes in. The dark web provides the people of such countries a chance to communicate freely without the oversight of the state. They can also use the dark web to send messages, images, videos, and other media to people in other parts of the world which could expose the corruption and wrongdoings of the totalitarian government.

So people living in countries like North Korea can take advantage of the dark web to communicate with international organizations and journalists in other parts of the world. However they still have to be careful as if they are caught, it can result in extreme punishment.

The Hidden Wiki Can Be Very Advantageous For People from Distressed Regions

People Looking For Anonymity

The hidden wiki offers a strong level of anonymity. So you can easily communicate on the dark web without having to worry about exposing your identity to the world. Journalists, whistleblowers, and security agencies aren’t the only ones who can use it for communication but also the people who are extra cautious about the government spying on them. These aren’t always bad people but people who have lost faith in their government and don’t want the government to know where they are or what they’re doing.

Criminals of Many Different Types

There are many advantages of the hidden wiki that can be enjoyed by good people and good governments. However, the main users of the dark web are criminals. Here are different types of criminals that can take advantage of the dark web.


The dark web is a very lucrative place for hackers. You can find all sorts of hackers through the Hidden Wiki. They can hack emails, websites, and even banking applications. Hackers can sell their services on the dark web and charge good prices for their services. Many hackers use the hidden wiki for phishing attacks. They don’t provide any service on the dark web; they are only there waiting for someone to make a mistake so that they can get a hold of their device and extract personal information from it. After that, they use this information to blackmail you or they sell it on the dark web for a good amount of money.

Brokers Selling Illegal Things

Brokers who have access to stolen credit cards leaked documents and other illegal goods can get a lot of money for their products on the dark web. However, these aren’t the only things that they can sell on the dark web. Criminals earn money by selling electronics, fake documents, and stolen credentials for premium software. This article will help you know more about the things people can buy on the dark web.

Drug Cartels

People who run the drug cartels are some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Cartels usually work in a very organized manner. This is why in the modern world; the drug cartels have also started to take advantage of the dark net to carry out their drug deals and financial transactions.


Have you ever wondered how terrorists take over a region with so much ammunition and money? You might have wondered where they get all this firepower and the massive pool of funds to carry out their terrorist activities and maintain control over a region over a long period. They do this with the help of the hidden wiki.

The terrorists use the dark web to buy weapons and get funds from their backers. Terrorists are also involved in selling goods on the black markets on the dark web. This is also a great source of income for them. Another way that terrorists take advantage of the dark web is by using the dark web as a platform for encrypted communication. They can easily avoid government monitoring by communicating through the dark web.

Money Launderers

People who have earned their money through the black market can use services like crypto mixers to launder their money to real bank accounts in a very secure way. There is a reason that money launderers like corrupt political officials are hard to catch. It wouldn’t be wrong to speculate that they use the dark web to launder their black money from one country to another.

Stolen Art and Stolen Artifacts Enthusiasts

The dark web is a great platform for people who steal art and artifacts to sell it to a buyer who is enthusiastic about it. It would be foolish for them to sell it through the surface web which is why they use platforms like the dark web to carry out the transaction.

There are many reasons why a person might buy art from the dark web. Some of the reasons might be that the art is not for sale or the person does not want to bid for it.

Crypto Asset Drainers

Crypto asset-draining services are very popular on the dark web. It is a very technical thing but the hackers who do it earn a lot of money from it. In easy terms, crypto asset draining is an attack on a crypto wallet where the hacker drains all the crypto from the wallet and transfers it to their wallet using a crypto mixer.

Final Words

These are some of the people who take advantage of the Hidden Wiki. From the group of people mentioned above you can see that the dark web offers a range of different advantages. Some of these people use the hidden wiki for financial advantages while others use it to enjoy anonymity and then there are those whose main advantage is the access to secret information that is not readily available. So many different types of people can get advantage from the hidden wiki but you must use the dark web to get the good advantages from it.

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