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What is the hidden wiki and how to visit it safely?



There are many internet subcultures that have their own “dark” websites where they share information about various topics, ranging from how to conduct black magic rituals online to trade hacking tutorials. One of the infamous communities is a hidden wiki. It has lots of different dark websites distributed under its umbrella. Users who visit this website risk being exposed to extreme content that may shock them and turn their life upside down.

The hidden wiki started as a collection of all the dark web links which used anonymizing software like Tor, I2P, or Free net. The first version was launched in 2007 but it quickly became popular mostly due to mismanagement. Hackers were able to access user accounts and leak their email addresses which led to the disclosure of real identities for some anonymous users. Then the website was moved to different hosting providers but since 2011 it has closed permanently.

The Hidden Wiki

It seems that this site is still online and there are many ways to visit it anonymously without getting tracked by authorities. But users who do not take necessary precautions may become easy targets for law enforcement agencies. That monitors hidden wiki activity. The only way to protect oneself is to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), proxy servers. Or TOR browsers that hide real IP addresses. And make users seem like they are coming from completely different locations around the world.

When using a hidden wiki, encryption software should be used as well. Because data sent between a user’s computer and the website can be intercepted by third parties. Because of the lack of HTTPS security protocols. It is important for users to understand that even if they are anonymous. This does not mean that authorities will not be able to get them. Therefore, caution should always be taken when visiting these types of websites. The best option is to check out the Hidden Wiki mirrors list. Which has all the dark websites that are still active today.

There are many different tutorials available online. That shows users how to visit hidden wiki anonymously. But in order to do so, one should have basic knowledge about technical stuff. Because otherwise, it may turn into a real nightmare. It seems like hijacking victims. Those who were forced by criminals to partake in child PO—-distribution circles shared their experience. And revealed how these individuals treated them badly. When they could not solve tech problems after being given access to a server where links were kept.

Top Hidden Wiki Sites:

1- Dark Market – Dark Market is one of the best marketplace available online. Sellers offer drugs, while buyers make requests.

2- Black Death Group – The group is a well—known hacker organization that targets businesses and governments. It operates from Eastern Europe and it has been active for over four years now.

3- Assassination Market – Assassination Market or AM claims that their users have to contribute bitcoins towards incentivizing people who commit murder of government employees or agents. The platform hosts reviews of hitmen who can do the dirty job for their clients.

4- Flogs Dark web flogging marketplace where users can buy NSFW pictures, pirated software, and leaked databases from various companies and organizations around the world.

5-HackBB – HackBB is another popular forum that offers all sorts of tutorials on how to hack into individuals’ and company’s social media accounts.

 Top Hidden WIki Sites

6- French Dark web – Users can find articles about every topic, ranging from how to commit mass murder to recipes for methcathinone production. As their slogan suggests “Everything is allowed here since nothing is forbidden!”

7- Onion Forum 2.0 – It has quite a lot of interesting discussions about IT security, links to hacking-related videos, databases, and tutorials grouped by category.

8- Black Goblin Market – This website hosts stolen data of customers who shopped at major online stores like eBay, Amazon, or Walmart. Advertisements are placed on the platform by hackers who use it to sell such information.

9- Onion Forum –

One of the oldest dark web forums which are still around today and provides tutorials on SK—-theft, drug manufacturing, and other highly sensitive topics.

10- Alpha Bay – It offers users access to a large number of illicit products and services sold by both vendors and manufacturers who operate inside this hidden website.

11- Cannabis Road 2.0 – This marketplace only deals in cannabis-related products, including weed, hashish, infused edibles, etc.

12- Diabolus Market – Users will find many different drugs available for sale on the platform as well as stolen credit card data they may be interested in purchasing if they are planning on committing some sort of cybercrime or identity theft.13- The Majestic Garden – It is a good source of information for those who are into growing their own marijuana since it provides them with all the necessary tips, tricks, and tutorials.

14- Utopia – This website provides its users access to various marketplace categories including Books, Clothing, Enterprises, Finance, Real Estate, and Residential among others.

15- Hybrid Forums – Users can find data belonging to both citizens and companies alongside other topics related to the dark web.

16- Cartoon Dark web – It offers various NSFW pictures, animated videos, and comics to its users.

17- Wall Street Market – WSM is the biggest darknet marketplace specializing in selling drugs. On this platform, people can find anything from marijuana to meth, heroin, or cocaine.

18- DeepDotWeb – This website lists all of the hidden websites which are indexed by search engines like Google.

19- The Hub forum 2.0 – HUB is one of the oldest online communities where people discuss various topics related to the dark web while also providing useful information about other illicit marketplaces existing on the Tor network.

20- Dark Scandals –

This website features sensitive data for sale belonging to ordinary citizens or employees from different companies or organizations.

21- Monero Gold – This particular dark web marketplace only deals with selling monero coins, a bitcoin exchange, etc.22- Blue Sky – It sells various narcotics including psychedelics, cannabis, and benzos. Users can also find stolen credit cards or log-in details to accounts belonging to social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram on the website.

23- Goblin Market – The platform is operated by a hacker who goes by the name of boss out of action. All products listed on this dark network are either hacked into. Or obtained through other illegitimate means involving social engineering campaigns against individuals and companies around the world.

Top Hidden WIki Sites

24- Hacked Forum 2.0 – Individuals who use this website want to buy various kinds of data related to both citizens and companies. They want it to be extremely valuable and sensitive in nature. So they can either launch different cyberattacks or commit some sort of identity theft.

25- Perfect Haven – This marketplace is the home to many illegal products such as drugs, hacking tools, stolen credit card data, etc. It also acts as a common platform for hackers. Who wants to buy such information so they can use it for their own nefarious purposes.

26- Red Square Market – RSM is one of the latest dark websites selling a wide range of items including firearms, fentanyl analogs, stolen accounts from e-commerce stores, fake documents, etc.

27- Valhalla – There are quite a large number of illicit activities going on inside this particular dark website offering all sorts of goods related to drugs, credit card frauds, etc.

28- The Pirate Market –

This forum has been around for quite some time. But it removed its original content in order to operate only as an underground marketplace. Where people can buy several different kinds of illicit items. Including narcotics, stolen accounts, credit cards, and firearms among others.

29- Outlaw Market – It is said to be one of the oldest hidden websites on the Tor network which is currently active despite the fact that its servers are based in Russia. Users can find almost everything they’d like here from weed to prescription medications.

30- Alphabay – It’s a site similar to the previous one mentioned above offering all sorts of illegal products for sale which are pretty much similar to what you would get on the market outlaw.

31- Area 51 – It’s another dark site where users can find all sorts of items including weapons, credit cards, or even login details to various social media platform accounts.

32- Lucifer Market – This is known to be the oldest hidden marketplace founded by a well-known administrator in the Tor network called LuLz who got arrested in early 2015 after being accused of stealing bitcoins worth over $100 million dollars. All the stuff listed on this online black market is either bought with stolen credit card data. Or hacked into during different social engineering campaigns against individuals and companies around the world.


Browsers that can be used to visit Hidden Wiki Safely  :


1) TOR Browser –It is the most commonly used browser for accessing hidden networks because it’s anonymous.

2) I2P – It hides the user’s identity by producing a randomized path between users and website servers.

3) Freenet – This particular software allows users to communicate with other individuals in order to share important data without having to be completely aware of their IP address or physical location.

4- JAP/Java Anon Proxy:  This proxy server can be accessed through the Mozilla Firefox internet browser even if Tor access isn’t available on the computer system.

5) Freegate – It’s an anti-censorship client which provides free access across China making it possible for Chinese citizens to visit blocked websites including Hidden Wiki.

6) Ultrasurf-

It’s also a censorship circumvention tool that allows users to access blocked websites like Hidden Wiki. And even send messages on Facebook.

7) Psiphon – This is another type of tunneling app that helps people bypass internet censorship and keep their online activities anonymous.

8) CyberGhost VPN:  This software lets you find your way around the web no matter where you are as it has servers in over 60 countries worldwide making it possible for individuals to visit hidden networks such as hidden wiki undetected.

9) Hotspot Shield: Once installed, this software creates a virtual tunnel that connects internet users with one of its many servers located around the world.

10) Kproxy:  It can be used as both an anonymous surfing tool and a way to bypass internet censorship.


How to visit Hidden Wiki Safely?  

-Most of the dark websites are filled with various scams in order to steal bitcoins. Or other cryptocurrencies from users in exchange for nothing at all. To stay protected, you need to take this into account. That there aren’t any official platforms on which you can purchase drugs online. So everything is done via P2P services. This might include using your cryptocurrencies to pay for certain goods. But it’s something worth considering given that most people have been scammed during their first transactions on these markets.

-The hidden wiki is now being monitored by law enforcement agencies globally. Due to the reasons listed above about its illicit content making it is necessary for people. Who wish to use it to do so from a server that isn’t located in their country of residence. This can be done by finding an IP address belonging to a different nation. And entering the URL into the Tor browser or any other proxy service available online. This might seem complicated at first but it’s not really that hard once you get the hang of it

– One shouldn’t blindly trust links shared through email without checking their validity first. Because they could lead people to malicious websites. Containing keyloggers aimed at stealing cryptocurrency wallet data, login credentials. Or even infecting users with ransomware. Which encrypts all their files until they pay up for their decryption key. It’s important to remember that there are no tools capable of decrypting information. When it gets encrypted by malware so prevention is always better than cure.


Is it possible to purchase drugs on darknet markets without getting scammed?

– Yes, the best way to make sure you don’t get scammed. When buying drugs on darknet marketplaces is by looking at the user’s feedback score. And also checking if they’re offering escrow services. Also, you should never deal with vendors. Who is asking for payment in bitcoins instead? Look for those who accept money transfers through Western Union or Moneygram. Because it’s much safer that way. Since chances of them running away with your cash are minimal.

Is Hidden Wiki safe?  

– Well, personally I would only trust the Hidden Wiki. If their admins have configured their servers correctly meaning. That the site is not being monitored by security agencies. And that everyone’s identity and online activities remain anonymous. How can one find a list of drug markets on the darknet?

-Most of these websites don’t have an official website. Or main page finding them isn’t really easy to do. Unless you use some sort of search engine such as Google. This allows people to look for information according to their respective country of residence thanks to geo-targeting options.

Purposes for which Hidden Wiki is used:


1) Gambling – All gambling websites listed on the Hidden Wiki are 100% safe to visit and use because they’re not really designed for money laundering, funding terrorism, or any other activity that violates state laws. The only reason why players might lose their funds is due to bad luck. Which can happen regardless of where they’re playing.

2) Instructions – There’s a bunch of instructions available on the Hidden Wiki which show people how to perform certain tasks such as building improvised explosive devices or using drugs without getting caught by authorities. Unfortunately, these articles should never be followed under any circumstances. Since someone might get seriously hurt doing. And it makes no difference whether these people don’t live in places governed by strict drug laws as well as those who aim to do harm to others as opposed to the latter who only want to enjoy their chemical products without annoying anyone else. How To Access Dark Web Links Through Reddit

3) Drugs – This is why most people end up on the Hidden Wiki in the first place, but going through all of its pages and links can be a pain in the as—s because there are hundreds of them and many of them contain dead links which never lead anywhere or even redirect users to scam websites designed to steal their cryptocurrencies.

4) Links – The Hidden Wiki has a lot of links that are probably going to take users to Tor network URLs with the “.onion” suffix. These domains can only be accessed through the Tor browser. No other software designed for visiting websites anonymously is capable of properly navigating that huge amount of information

5) Blogs –

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many blogs present on this website so finding them is harder than it sounds. One should always look carefully at the list of available links. Because some might seem like they lead towards genuine blog posts. But they actually don’t even if they appear so at first sight.

6) Forums – The Hidden Wiki contains various forums such as those dedicated to cryptocurrencies or breaking news and general items of interest. There’s nothing really dangerous about forums. Because they’re used by people who wish to discuss various topics with one another and socialize in a non-invasive manner.

7) Wiki – The Hidden Wiki is basically like Wikipedia except that it has an onion address and contains links for websites that aren’t legitimate and might even contain malware. This means that users need to be careful when visiting this website. Or any other similar domain as well as those listed on its wiki. Since chances of getting scammed are high unless the site owner is someone trustworthy such as security researchers

8) Dark web browsersOne can also find guides explaining how to download Tor browser, Whonix, Tails OS, and similar programs on the Hidden Wiki so checking out this website isn’t necessary if someone has already decided which software to download.

9) Scam lists –

The Hidden Wiki contains a lot of scam websites. Those are listed on its wiki and can be found by using the appropriate URL query.

10) “Web 2.0” – The Hidden Wiki has a lot of useless stuff such as information about what’s happening in China, Russia, and other countries where Internet censorship is common. Tor users might find that some of this content contains useful information. While others don’t so check out everything is practically impossible. Unless someone spends dozens or even hundreds of hours doing it.



This is about the hidden wiki. Where normal people and criminals both visit. This is why you have to know the safest way to visit it. Not only that, many illegal works happen there. Hidden wiki is just a way to make it to the darknet. On the hidden wiki, you will get many types of links. And people believe that hidden wiki provides real dark web links. This is why a huge amount of people visit it regularly. But some people don’t know the right way to visit it. Some fool people don’t even follow the security rules. After all, they got themselves in big trouble sometimes. So don’t think it’s a dummy place.

The hidden wiki is a very dangerous type of place. Not the hidden wiki because there are only links available. Few things make it so dangerous. Out of them, many people will try to track you. It could be a cyber security team or it could also be a hacker. Some people for drugs and weapons and po*n and many bad things. So if you want to visit it then visit it. But in a very safe way. Don’t get yourself in big trouble.

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