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How To Access Dark Web Links Through Reddit

Using Google and other search engines limits your access to the full information and services available on the Internet. When accessing websites through search engines, that’s often called the “surface web”. While unsearchable or purposefully hidden websites are the “deep web”.

A small portion of the deep web is darknet links or dark web links, which contain purposefully hidden websites where users value anonymity and may perform transactions or search for information that is not entirely legal or is on the fringe of acceptability.

There are two main things to consider when accessing dark web links, how do you access them, and where do you find the links?

Using this article, we’ll help you find how to access dark web links through Reddit.

How Do You Access Dark Web Links Using Reddit?

In most cases, dark web links require special software and a little setup time before you can access them. It’s essential to ensure you stay anonymous and safe while browsing dark web links, but once you’re set up, then the process is simple and only requires you to find the dark web links that you want.

Safety And Security Through Software

Download Tor Web Browser

Tor is a web browser that routes your web traffic through relays set up around the world, making it difficult to see where you’re located. If you access dark web links from your standard browser, your IP address will show up, and it will be possible to find your general location and your internet service provider.


Tor is free to download and easy to set up.


Tor can be used for both surface web links and dark web links. It will work the same and is based on a popular browser called Firefox, so you don’t lose any functionality by using it.

What are onion links

Download Secure VPN Software

It will be evident that you’re using Tor due to the IPs used to access websites. It will be apparent to the website you’re visiting, which is fine, but it will also be possible for your internet service provider to see that you’re using Tor, though not what websites you’re using.


To add additional security and anonymity to your dark web links usage, add a Secure VPN service to your arsenal of products. The VPN will ensure that nobody knows what you’re doing, and VPNs are much more common and accepted than the use of Tor, so it won’t raise suspicions when using one.

What Are Onion Links?

Now that you’re set up to access dark web links, you’ll want to find the actual links and start browsing, but when you see them, they will look a little strange and be called onion links.


Onion links are generally 16-character hashes that the dark web link owner has created automatically that you must use Tor to access. They’re not standard names like you expect from surface browsing, and the intention is to keep the web and own anonymous and not easily found.


Sites may also change this onion link if they feel it’s becoming too widespread or there are other issues.

Where Do You Find Dark Web Links On Reddit?

Reddit is one of the best options for finding dark web links without knowing somebody with access to the dark web already. There are a variety of subreddits that you can access and search for, which will provide onion links for you to access specific dark web links and get you started.


To start you off, try some of these standard subreddits that can provide links and further information.


But Where Are The DARK Web Links?

What you’re going to find is that the top layer of links you’re going to see straight away are just deep web links, which can provide a range of information and services where people just want to be anonymous.

To find true dark web links, you’ll need to review the post in the onion subreddits, check out people posting their own onion links or a collection of onion links that they keep updated.

There are even onion search engines depending on what you’re looking for, which the subreddits above link in their sidebars for you to access up to date search engines and link lists.

Network with people with similar interests or types of posting patterns you’re hoping to connect with on the dark web. It may take a little effort, but the links are available and will be shared with you.

Be Wary On The Dark Web

Because you’re not getting a personal recommendation from somebody you know when you access these sites, remember to be wary just as you are on the Internet in general. You shouldn’t assume that everybody is friendly and that there aren’t scammers or other dangerous people looking to take advantage of you.

Make sure you trust your gut, do a little research on any sites you end up accessing, and don’t do anything that puts you into danger or could lose you a lot of money.

Dark web links are simply a way to anonymize the web surfing experience. And anybody can set up a dark web link that you can access.

Enhance Your Anonymity For Transactions

If you plan to do more than browse sites for the information you’ll need to make sure. That any communication or transactions are also done anonymously. This means you need access to an email client or chat client and some type of digital currency wallet such as Bitcoin.

Be wary on the dark web

Always use your Tor and VPN software to access your email/chat/digital currency services, and don’t use them for anything else. Separate your services from what you use day today.

Email Clients

You want to find an encrypted and Tor compatible email client, such as:

  • Protonmail
  • Bitmessage
  • Tor2Mail

Chat Clients

Whether it’s for transactions or just discussion. Many people use chat services on the deep or dark web. So get yourself a secure and private chat client. That will work across Tor, such as an XMPP/Jabber client like Pidgin.

You’ll want to go through the process to ensure it only uses Tor and all messaging is secure and private.

Digital Currency

To make actual transactions, you’ll need a digital currency supported and accepted by people. That is likely going to be Bitcoin.

Remember that when you sign up for one of the larger exchanges or Bitcoin accounts, you register your ID. And your transactions are tracked if somebody knows your Bitcoin address.

You’ll need to find a way to get a Bitcoin address outside of an exchange. Where you don’t need to provide your ID, and you’ll need to find a way to add money to Bitcoin. Without using your credit card or another method that can be traced back to you.

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