Host Your Own .Onion Website

Hosting your own website on the dark web is easier than ever, since there are now many dark web hosting services.

This guide will give you a step by step introduction to hosting your own .onion.

The Easy Way

The easiest way to host your own .onion site is to just use one of the service providers listed on the Hidden.Wiki.

All you will need is some bitcoins, but there are even some free hosting services like Freedom Hosting.

They work like any hosting provider and will generate an .onion address hidden service for you, and you can use WordPress and any other CMS on them.

The Hard Way

For those of you who want more control over their hidden service, you can also run your own .onion server.

It is best to rent a real server and not a VPS if you want to run a hidden service on it.

Ideally you have 2 servers in one rack.

  • One with the web server for your site, and this one is configured to not have internet access.
  • And another server which runs Tor and has the private key of your .onion site on it.

The reason why this makes sense is even if your web server gets hacked, the hacker does not get access to the private key of the hidden service.

And also this way the web server is not connected to the internet directly and can’t leak information about it’s IP address and location on your hidden site.

Look for HardenedBSD or similar operating systems if you want maximum security.

Generating Your Own .Onion Domain

There are programs which let you calculate .onion domains starting with a certain word.

One of them is Scallion. After you downloaded it you can use the program like this:

scallion.exe -d 0 prefix

With prefix being the word you want your .onion to begin with.

For example:

scallion.exe -d 0 hidden

Will output something like this:

Hidden Service .Onion Private Key

To use this on your tor server, copy everything between <PrivateKey> and </PrivateKey> to your tor private_key file.

It is essential to keep this private key safe, because who ever has access to it can redirect your website users to his site.

We hope this small guide was useful for you, if you are seriously interested in running a hidden site on the tor network then make sure you understand what you are doing. So make sure to read all the guides you can find on the internet about hardening web servers, using air gaps and general security techniques.


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