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Top Dark Web Sites in 2023 – Good and Worst Darknet Sites





The dark web makes up 5% of the total internet, but this size includes thousands of links. You can use this part of the internet to find recreational and informational dark websites.

There are also dark web links that can help you buy a domain name on the internet. You may be interested in learning more about the top dark web sites in 2023.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for this information. Here is everything you need to know about dark websites in 2023.

Dark Web Sites For Finding Onion Links

Here are the top dark websites that will help you find onion links:

  1. The Hidden Wiki

A guide about dark web sites cannot be complete without mentioning The Hidden Wiki. This directory forms a major part of the dark internet. It is also one of the dark web links that most beginners visit.

The top feature of the directory is that it categorizes dark web links into various sections. If you want to find services related to cryptocurrency, you may visit the financial service section of The Hidden Wiki.

You may also use the directory for security tips related to the dark web. There are many informational articles on the site to help you navigate onion links easily. The security tips may also save you from getting scammed in the future.

However, you must still be a bit careful when using the directory for visiting dark web sites. Some links on The Hidden Wiki may not be safe, so turning on antivirus security may help you avoid such dark web links.

  1. Torch

There are many ways to find dark web links on Tor. You may use a directory to redirect yourself to different platforms. This is the easiest way to find dark websites and surf them.

However, some directories may not have a link to the site you want to view. You may also not have an idea what platforms you want to navigate on the dark internet. That is where a search engine will come to help you.

Torch is one of the oldest search engines on the dark web that can help you look for onion pages. It serves more than 80,000 search requests daily. You can type a phrase in the search to find dark web links related to it.

The platform also offers excellent filtering options. For example, you may press on the “Match all words” option to ensure sites related to the exact phrase are displayed.

  1. TorLinks

TorLinks is a directory that is similar to The Hidden Wiki. Some people also consider it the backup platform when the original directory is down or undergoing maintenance. You can find various onion links categorized into commercial and non-commercial sites.

Commercial links are mainly those that will direct you to platforms offering financial services. Meanwhile, social media sites make up most of the dark web links under the non-commercial category.

The only reason why this site is not as popular as The Hidden Wiki is that its database is a bit limited. TorLinks may also not be as thorough as the former directory.

However, it is still a great site for beginners wanting to navigate the dark internet. The best thing is that the site also shows the status of each onion link.

So you can know beforehand whether a dark web platform is running or down. This will save you the trouble of waiting for a broken link to load or visiting an empty platform.

  1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that almost every guide about the dark web will mention. This is because of the unique security feature of the engine. Your history will not be tracked or stored by the platform, offering you greater online freedom.

The search net of DuckDuckGo is also wide and may show you onion links that other search engines may not display. Another great thing about the platform is that it does not have a fake mirror version.

Many search engines on the dark web have been victims of cybercriminal attacks. For example, a fake version of Ahmia was created in 2015 by hackers to redirect users to scam dark web sites. DuckDuckGo has never experienced such a problem.

This is why you can rely on the authenticity of this search engine more easily. The good news is that the platform also has a surface web version. You can use it on the clear net to understand how the engine works so that you can navigate it on the dark web easily.

Social Media Dark Web Sites

Let’s look at some dark web links for social media platforms:

  1. Facebook

Many people visit the dark web to find social media sites that will offer them high privacy. You may be worried about using platforms on the surface web due to hacking risks and other reasons. That is where the Tor version of Facebook will help you.

This is an official version created by the Facebook team to offer dark users the same offerings as surface web users. The primary difference is that your privacy and anonymity will be greater when using Facebook through the dark internet.

Another great thing about this social media site is that it is one of the few legal platforms on the dark internet. Other social media sites, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, don’t have Tor versions.

Instead, you will find original social media dark websites created by a community on this web.

  1. Galaxy3

If you want to use an original dark web social media site, you can consider using Galaxy3. The platform is only available on the dark internet. So, you must download the Tor browser to view the site easily.

The site allows you to create a profile and interact with other users of Galaxy3. It also lets you share content such as memes, videos, and much more anonymously. You can use the platform if you prefer high privacy when browsing online services.

Remember that Galaxy3 may not include profiles of your regular friends because it only contains social media networks of dark users. However, it is a great platform if you want to interact with new people online.

The best thing is you will not have to worry about government tracking when using the platform. Galaxy3 is also not tracked by advertisers, so you will not have to worry about getting personalized ads.

  1. The Dark Lair

The Dark Lair was an image-hosting platform on the dark web. However, the site gained a lot of popularity, which is why it has been turned into a social media network on the same web.

You can upload pictures on the platform to interact with your friends and the dark web community. People are also allowed to post comments on the pictures and talk more about it.

The top feature of the platform is that it allows you to use it in different ways. You may use The Dark Lair as an anonymous user to ensure no one knows you’re using the dark internet. The site also offers a registration option for long-term users.

You can also message your dark web friends through the platform. Sharing music is also a breeze on this site.

Dark Web Sites For Web Pages Information

Below are some dark web sites that will help you access records of old and new dark web links:

  1. today is one of the top dark web sites that can help you see records of old links that may have been taken down. It serves as a web archiving site to help you find information easily. This is because the site keeps snapshots of different dark web pages.

Even if the original web page website is taken down, the snapshot archive version will still be present on the internet. It can help you view information that changes rapidly. For example, you may see records of real estate listings using this dark site.

All you have to do is write the domain name of the site you want to see in the search tab. The results will show the entire collection that has on that website.

You can view the web page records online on the platform or download them to your device as a ZIP file.

  1. SearX

SearX is not exactly a site that keeps records of web pages as snapshots. Instead, it is a metasearch engine that can help you find information using different methods. For example, you may search for detailed queries using this site.

You can also search for images, files, videos, and other posts on dark web sites. This is because of the comprehensive search mechanism of the platform. The best thing is that the site does not share IP addresses with other sources.

It also protects your search history to enhance your privacy. The platform also blocks cookies when you use it to ensure that your identity cannot be revealed through search result user profiling.

The great news is that this metasearch engine also has a surface website to help you understand it easily.

Dark Web Sites For Reading

Here are a few dark websites that will help you read online books:

  1. Z-Library

Z-Library is one of the top online reading platforms that will help you read eBooks easily. It has pirated versions of course books for academic students. Fictional readers can also use the platform to gain access to their favorite books for free.

This is one of the dark web sites that were originally on the surface web. People could access it through Chrome and view its collection online anywhere. However, the website was taken off the surface web due to piracy and other legal restrictions.

The seizure did not stop the admin from offering free access to books because the platform moved to the dark internet. You can download the Tor browser to access this site and download books easily.

One of the top things about the site is that its content has not changed on the dark web. All old books that people were able to access on the surface web are still available on the site. Many new books are also being added to the library daily for a versatile experience.

  1. Imperial Library

There are many dark web sites for online reading on Tor, but not all of them have good collections. Imperial Library is one of the biggest libraries on the dark internet. It has more than 500,000 books in its collection.

The platform will offer you access to fictional books, course books, non-fictional books, comics, and much more. Remember, the PDFs on this platform are copyrighted. This means the platform is not offering access legally.

So you must take some security precautions when exploring such dark web sites. For example, turn on a paid VPN to mask your IP address. You should also avoid downloading files from the site to save your device from harm.

Instead, read the books online on the browser to enjoy better security. The site mainly offers pirated content because the owner believes in the free distribution of digital books.

  1. Comic Book Library

Many dark websites offer access to fictional books, but comics may not be included in them. You may also want a platform that offers you access to comic books only instead of all other books. This is because navigating dark web sites is easy if the platform focuses on one type of content.

That is why Comic Book Library will fulfill all your wishes. It is one of the dark web sites that offer access to comics such as Spiderman, Buzzy, and much more. You may also be able to read Japanese manga and other Asian comics on the site.

The platform has a large library that is constantly updated to offer you a new collection. You can read the books online on the site or download them to your device.

Another great thing about the platform is that you will not have to worry about registering before reading a book. The site allows you to access its content without making any account.

Dark Web Sites for News Updates

Let’s look at some dark web links related to journalism:

  1. SoylentNews

We all want to read unfiltered news on the internet, but that is not always possible on the surface web. This is because some governments may block access to specific journalism websites. Articles are also easy to take down on the surface web if it does not meet a politician’s requirements.

This is why the news you may see on the surface web may not always be authentic. However, you can avoid this issue by using dark web sites to read news articles. The best thing about platforms on the internet is that they are not regulated by the government.

When a post is published on dark websites, it is rarely taken down unless the person who put up the post removes it. SoylentNews is an original dark web news platform that can offer you access to unfiltered posts.

Users from various parts of the world can share their stories without any censorship restrictions. You may also interact with the community on the forum section of the news site.

  1. ProPublica

ProPublica is a famous journalism site that you can access on the surface web. It has also won awards for its authentic pieces that resonate with the public. The platform takes its work seriously, which is why it has created a Tor version to offer uncensored news.

The main purpose of the platform’s Tor version is that it allows people to view the site’s posts anonymously. This option allows those who live under oppressive governments to update themselves with accurate news without putting their safety at risk.

Besides that, the dark web offers a high freedom of expression to the news site’s writers that is not achievable on the surface web. The dark version allows the company’s journalists to post content without compromising on their moral convictions.

You must note that there are many news platforms on the dark web with official surface web versions. These dark web sites have been created to cater to a large audience easily. For example, BBC also has a Tor version.

  1. The Intercept

The Intercept is an American news platform that posts podcasts and articles. It was launched in 2013 to update the public about various incidents in the country. The platform has gained immense popularity over the years.

One of the best things about The Intercept is that it has created an official Tor version to cater to its dark web audience. People who want to stay anonymous while reading news also benefit from this site.

The platform also publishes articles on dark internet incidents to make the public aware of scams all around the world. You can read authentic and uncensored news on the site without government interference.

There are also dozens of other newsroom dark web sites on the dark internet that offer similar content as The Intercept.

Dark Web Sites For Guidance

Here are some dark web sites that will help you navigate the dark net:

  1. Hidden Answers

An easy to get answers to your queries is by posting the question online on discussion forums. However, your post may be taken down by the platform due to community guidelines and other reasons. This is especially true if you publish a question about dark websites.

You may also want to discuss illegal things while maintaining your identity. That is where dark web sites such as Hidden Answers for discussions will come to help you.

Hidden Answers is a platform that may resemble Reddit or Quora. You can ask questions without censorship restrictions. People in the dark web community will try to answer you.

You may also explore the platform to see questions posted by other people and discussions under them. Some people may also guide you about navigating dark websites securely on the discussion forum.

The platform is interactive and safer than most other dark websites for discussions.

  1. Surveillance Self Defense

You may become a victim of phishing attacks and scam schemes if you end up on unsafe dark web sites. This is especially true if you didn’t take proper security precautions before opening the platform. Understanding the best safety techniques for browsing dark websites will help you enjoy a better experience.

That is why you may want to read the Surveillance Self Defense blog on the dark internet. The platform has been created to offer cybersecurity tips to web users. You can read guides on online surveillance and phishing attacks to enhance your security.

The best thing is that the security guides of the platform have easy readability. Videos and pictures are also used to explain various techniques so that you can adopt safety precautions easily.

You can also view the security scenarios section of the platform to understand cybersecurity incidents better. This is a great dark site for those who want safety guidance.

Dark Web Sites For Mailing

Here are some email services on the dark net:

  1. SecMail

SecMail is a secure email service designed to safeguard your digital communication. It prioritizes user privacy and data protection through robust encryption mechanisms.

In addition to encryption, SecMail often includes features like self-destructing messages and anonymous registration, enhancing user anonymity.

It also employs strict no-logs policies to prevent the storage of user data, bolstering privacy further. This is why it is one of the best emailing dark web sites.

The only disadvantage of this emailing service is that it offers limited data. It may be enough for sending encrypted messages non-frequently. However, the platform may not suit your needs if you want to send hundreds of messages daily.

Of course, you don’t have to worry because there are many other dark web sites that offer high space to users.

  1. Mailpile

Mailpile is one of the top dark web sites for emailing because of its security features. The platform keeps your messages completely private through advanced encryption. This means that external parties cannot intercept your conversations.

The platform also allows you to store your messages by uploading them to the cloud. This means that only you will have access to your chat history. The open-sourced code of the platform also adds to its pros.

This is because anyone can detect vulnerabilities and fix them before a cybercriminal or other users can take advantage. It can also help you send emails without them getting marked as spam.

Dark Web Sites For Gaming And Music

Let’s look at some dark websites that will help you play games or listen to music:

  1. Deep Web Radio

You may want to listen to music anonymously when surfing dark web sites. That is why a dark web radio option will help you achieve your wish. Deep Web Radio is a hidden radio that you can access only through Tor and I2P networks.

The radio offers you more than ten channels with different music genres. For example, you may listen to jazz, classical, or folk music on this dark web platform.

One of the top things about the radio is that it will work in the background. So, the music will not stop playing if you change tabs on the Tor browser.

The digital station also has channels for heavy metal music. It is a great way to encounter new songs and listen to different genres for free.

  1. Google Feud

Google Feud is a fun collection of trivia games that you can play on the dark web. You can choose from different categories, such as multiple-choice questions. The game will require you to choose the most famous autocomplete answer.

There are also various integrations that allow you to play the game on the surface internet. For example, you may enjoy Google Feud on Telegram. However, accessing the gaming site through the dark internet is easier.

It can help you enjoy a fun time on the dark net and keep yourself away from illegal dark web links. The best thing is that there are dark web sites for safe gaming. You may use a directory search for platforms that will help you play chess or other games.

Miscellaneous Dark Web Sites

Following are some additional dark web links that you can explore in 2023:

  1. Beneath VT

Exploring steam tunnels is a dangerous activity that is considered a misdemeanor in many parts of the world. If you want to understand such tunnels, you can use Beneath VT on the dark web.

This is one of the educational dark web sites that will offer you information on steam tunnels below Virginia Tech. The platform will explore the dangers of visiting such structures.

It also offers access to pictures of steam tunnels under Virginia Tech. Those who are curious about these structures can use this dark web blog to enhance their knowledge and get a sneak peek of the tunnels without visiting them.

The platform also guides you about how to enter these tunnels at your own risk.

  1. Tunnels

This is another dark web link that helps you with your curiosity about underground tunnels. The main feature of the site is that it shows you exploration visits of different people.

Tunnels post content with people who enter the underground tunnel systems of universities in the US. You can use the site to get valuable insights and see what’s beneath your university.

Of course, you must remember that students who enter underground university tunnels may face expulsion. The activity is risky and may put you into legal trouble.

All the explorers of tunnels understand this and yet take the risk so that you don’t do the same.

  1. Cases

There are many resources on the dark internet for medical students. For example, you may visit a site that offers you access to research journals. However, not every student belongs to the medical category.

If you’re in the law field, you may want to know about dark web links that offer access to legal case files for free. That is where Legal.cases will help you. The platform has a collection of court decisions in different cases.

You can use the information for research purposes. It also allows you to see decisions of cases from more than ten countries. These include the UK, the US, Russia, and more.

Remember that the cases present on the site are those that are publicly available so that you don’t break any legal boundaries when viewing them.

  1. Image Hosting

Image Hosting is a dark web site that allows you to upload images for free. You can also share them with other people without any charges. The primary feature of the link is that it allows you to send pictures to those who live in countries with censorship restrictions.

The recipient can see the picture on the dark internet with high security and without worrying about government interference. People who live in oppressive states can also use this site to access hosting services that may be unavailable in their region.

One of the best things about the site is that it offers a sharing link as soon as you upload the image. You can then share the link on emails, websites, and personal messaging services without restrictions.

The platform also supports six image formats, such as JPG, PNG, and more. You can also upload files of up to 3 MBs.

Are Dark Web Sites Worth Visiting?

Some dark web links are worth visiting because you may not find their content on surface websites. Whether the dark internet is worth visiting will mainly depend on your needs.

The dark web is worth it for freedom of speech and viewing news articles anonymously. As long as you keep away from illegal dark web links, the web will mainly offer benefits.

Final Words About Dark Web Sites

These are the top dark web sites that you can explore in 2023. It is advisable to use online status checkers on the dark internet to see whether a specific site is running or down before opening its link for safety reasons.

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