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Best Darknet Sites on Hidden Wiki in 2022



It’s 2022 but it is still very hard for users to search for a particular .onion website on the Dark Web. This is because there is no any known search engine that indexes the Darknet sites’ URL on its database. However, Hidden Wiki gives you an opportunity to get to know the names and onion URLs of websites on the Dark Web.

In this article, you will come to know everything about Hidden Wiki, its updated websites directory for 2022, and answers of some frequently asked questions.


What is the Hidden Wiki on the Dark Web?

So, what is Hidden Wiki? In simple words, Hidden Wiki assists you in navigating through the hundreds of Darnet sites. This type of dictionary is useful as some links don’t contain the most informative content as you see on the other standard platforms. For example, some links are a combination of letters and numbers. Therefore, it is not easy to search for a particular website on the Darknet. This is a point where you can see the usefulness of Hidden Wiki. It makes it a simple activity to find a particular site.

A brief history of Hidden Wiki

In the year 2007, the Hidden Wiki deep web was recorded. After this, a full-fledged site was created that carried a plethora of the found links. This happened in the year 2011. ‘Freedom Hosting’ was a domain used to host the site before August 2013. A new domain, ‘Doxbin’ was raised because the previous domain was hacked. The .onion domain is used to run and operate Hidden Wiki. You can only access the domain through the TOR gateway. There is a connection of the Hidden Wiki with private or hidden activities such as contraband chemicals, cyber-attacks, and money laundering. In other words, Hidden Wiki refers to the complete record or a bundle of links of the different websites. You can also get access to it to meet your objective regarding education.

Comprehensive List of Darknet sites on the Hidden Wiki

The censorship-resistant wiki uses the name of the Hidden Wiki as the Tor hidden services. You can see many services, including video-audio service, books, hosting, financial service, and so on. Let’s find out which Darknet sites Hidden Wiki indexes in 2022.

What is the Hidden Wiki on the Dark Web

Drug Stores

1. DCdutchconnectionUK

It’s a dark web drug shop. In this shop many kinds of big drugs are available.

2. DrChronic

It is a company that has been trading weed. It offers merchandising of weed and other drugs directly from the drug cartels.

3. TomAndJerey

A darknet also carries the marketplace of Tom and Jerry. It is a good drug shop on the Dark Web that can become risky to use.

4. 420prime

This Darknet site deals with trading of Cannabis in a dispensary condition from the United Kingdom.

5. Bitpharma

It is the largest .onion drug store that belongs to Europe. Different drugs of premium quality can be found.

6. EuCanna

On the TOR network, you can access the scam hidden service, namely EuCanna. Being closed for public access, the service offers different drugs.

7. Smokeables

It is possible to access the best organic Cannabis from the USA. The site is mainly used for this purpose.

8. CannabisUK

It primarily serves the UK drug market. The website has speciality in Cannabis and can provide different grades of Cannabis depending on the demand of buyers.

9. Brainmagic

It is a drug shop that leads to the different drugs on the Dark Web.

10. NLGrowers

It is a hidden shop that offers services related to drugs, especially Cannabis.

11. Peoples drug store

It is among the best drug suppliers on the Dark Web. You can get access to premium quality drugs there.

12. DeDope

It is a well-known Darknet shop that leads to many fake goods and drugs.

Bitcoin Dark Web Websites

1. Dark Mixer

It refers to a secret and tumbler BTC wallet. You can also find it on Darknet as a .onion secret service. No fee is associated with it.

2. Mixabit

A Tor browser on the desktop is used for accessing the Mixabit bitcoin mixer. Unlike Dark Mixer, it has a fee of up to 0.5%.

3. Easycoin

Alongside a TOR hidden service, the Easycoin wallet service works. The service is used for withdrawing from a wallet once the deposit is made.

4. Onionwallet

Onionwallet is a hidden BTC wallet that is run on TOR. This is that place when the admin can take your coins.

Bitcoin Dark Web Websites

5. VirginBitcoins

VirginBitcoins refer to the BTC that is freshly mined. There is not any transaction that involves the freshly mined BTC.

Miscellaneous Websites

1. Counterfeit USD

It offers USD counterfeits that are of premium value. They guarantee the 100% anonymity of the counterfeits currency. Hundreds of people have purchased the currency from this website.

2. AccMarket

AccMarket provide the financial srvices to its clients. It supports eBay, Paypal, and bank accounts.

3. Cardshop

It supports a global CVV and CC. Moreover, it also supports CVV’s known balance of USA.

4. Darkmining

It leads to the stolen electricity that can be used for mining the BTC.

5. Mobile Store

It is a well-known shop that can unlock mobile phones. They deal with both Apple and Android smartphones.

6. Kamagra 4 Bitcoin

Although it is affordable, it is just like Viagra. Buyers and sellers can easily trade the Bitcoin and make purchases on Darknet through special accounts the website offers them.

7. OnionIdentityServices

It provides access to fake ID cards and passwords. These prove useful for bitcoins.

8. Uk guns and Ammo store

You can purchase ammo and guns on the Darknet from this store. It runs like a secret service via a TOR network.

9. USfakeIDs

This website is most notorious supplier of Fake US IDs. Many criminals resort to this website for obtaining the Fake US identity documents.


10. USAcitizenship

USAcitizenship makes it simple to become a US citizen. They do not entangle the client with lengthy process. They have under-the-table ways to make the things move on fast pace in order to secure citizenship of their clients.

11. Apple4Bitcoin

You can get access to cheap Apple goods for BTC.

12. UKpassports

The original passports of the United Kingdom are found here. It provides 100% Visa issuance assurance to the clients.

13. ccPal

It leads to CCs, Ebays, and Paypal.

14. Rent-A-Hacker

It makes it easy to hire a hacker for the precious BTC. Rates can be varied accoirding to the nature of task.

15. Webuybitcoins

You can sell your BTC for WU, PayPal, cash, and so on. Its team ensures the smooth tranfer of ownership in a clandestine environment.

16. HQER

It supports the Euro bill counterfeits of the premium quality. Like Counterfeit USD, HQER also guarantees the full anonymity of the Euro Counterfeit currency trade.


How to access Hidden Wiki?

How to get to the Hidden Wiki?  Searching for it on DuckDuckGo is easy. You can find the Hidden Wiki that appears as the first search result there.

Is it legal to browse Hidden Wiki?

Being a well-known website, Hidden Wiki promotes many good things too.

How Hidden Wiki works?

Hidden Wiki refers to the Wikipedia version of the Dark Web. You can also see it as a dictionary used for indexing the different links placed on the onion sites.

Wrap up

With the assistance of the Hidden Wiki, you can get the best websites in different categories on Darknet. The shady third parties and hackers can use the Dark Web as a hotspot. Although you can obtain complete anonymity through a TOR browser, it still doesn’t meet the full anonymity requirements. Visiting a safe visit to the Dark Web requires a connection via a VPN. It will help encrypt the internet traffic so that no one can observe you when you are going to explore sites enlisted in Hidden Wiki.

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